Tournament Expert

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Features and Screenshots

Tournament Expert is powerful and intuitive. We keep relevant information in front of you at all times. The Player List shows all players in the tournament in an Excel-like display. Groupings can be viewed and altered through click and drag. Changes to print outs (fonts, colors, watermarks, etc.) are made directly to the documents with our Font, Color and Watermark controls. Sponsor images can be placed anywhere. With Tournament Expert, you control the software, the software doesn’t control you.

Click on images to enlarge. Once enlarged, you can cycle through all images.

TourEx Live


We are pleased to announce two of our most requested features, Internet Signup and Results Posting.

TourEx Live – Internet Signup, allows members to login and signup for events that have been listed by the pro shop’s staff. Members can sign up individually or as a team and view lists of golfers that have already signed up for the event. Tournament Expert’s software can view the golfers who have signed up for any event and pull that list directly into the Tournament Expert Player List.

TourEx Live – Results Posting, allows tournament scores to be posted to the Internet where they can be viewed via PC, Tablet or Smart Phone. These results can be posted during the tournament to show current standings and after the tournament so they can be referenced at any time. Popular tournament formats such as Individual and Team Stroke Play, Individual and Team Skins, Stableford, Round Robin, Match Play, Ryder Cup, and School Tournaments are supported. Please go to to view this feature’s capabilities.

GHIN Compatibility


Tournament Expert is licensed by the United State Golf Association through their Value Added Service Provider program to be able to retrieve current player index information and to be able to post equitable stroke controlled scores.

This service is available to courses that belong to Golf Associations that utilize GHIN and that have authorized Tournament Expert to have access to the association’s index data.

Tournament Expert has added commands and routines to make full use of the GHIN data that is made available through this valuable service. For example:

  • Type a valid GHIN number into the Player List, then tell Tournament Expert to retrieve that player’s name, current index (or low of the last 12 months) and their home club. TourEx will then add that data to the player’s row in the Player List.
  • Automatically update all player indexes when the club’s association reconciles the indexes. If your association reconciles on the 1st and 15th of each month, tell TourEx to retrieve indexes for your members on the 1st and 15th and you will never have to do a manual update again.
  • Post equitable stroke controlled scores to GHIN. Use our sophisticated GHIN posting dialog to view (and edit) player scores. Change items like posting date, score type and tee used, at the global and individual level.

This feature is very useful for your golf staff. They can be confident that tournaments have the latest indexes and a GHIN player’s data can be downloaded through lookups when only the name or the GHIN number is known. Because the lookups are done directly in Sierra, it saves considerable time when creating Member-Guest tournaments.

TV Leaderboards


Presentation Leader Board Options

Since these boards can contain pairings as well as tournament results, they can be displayed before, during and after the tournament. They become a natural focus for the players. And, because the display can also contain sponsor logos and information, you can generate additional funds for charity events and golf outings.

Elements can be moved and sized. Font and color changes can be made. Sequential image displays can pulled from different folders.

Presentation Leader Board Types

Tournament Expert Sierra has sophisticated TV-Like Presentation Leader Boards that you can display on flat screen TVs. These leader boards are designed to look like the leader boards displayed on TV during professional golf events. Several display types are available:

  • Individual and team scores
  • Ryder Cup and Inter-Club boards
  • Image and logo display
  • Scrolling information bar
  • Scores bar displayed in alphabetical order

HD Leaderboards

Three new leaderboards have been added that are designed to be used on High Definition TVs. The leaderboards are a Hole-by-Hole leaderboard and a Summary leaderboard and the newest addition, a Round Robin leaderboard. These leaderboards can be resized by clicking and dragging any border, the colors are more vivid and they have additional capabilities such as displaying each player’s home country flag.

Custom Scorecards and Custom Cart Signs


Custom Scorecards and Custom Cart Signs let the user create, manage and fill-in an unlimited number of scorecard templates . Each template is created using Excel and the look can be as specific and varied as each user’s imagination allows.

Once a template is created, the Custom Scorecards or Custom Cart Signs feature fills the the scorecard or cart sign with data from Tournament Expert. For instance, on a scorecard, you might want to place each player’s initials in column 12 of the template scorecard. When our feature in Tournament Expert is activated it creates scorecards with each player’s initials being printed to column 12 of their row.

Or, on a Custom Cart Sign, you might want to place the name of the first player on row 3, column 2 of the template. Tournament Expert will create signs with the first player’s name being printed to row 3, column 2.

Another example that shows the range of these features is that since Tournament Expert allows up to 10 different tee definitions to be used for each tournament, a scorecard could be created that places 10 players on the card and that allows each player to have their own, unique, tee definition (yardage, handicap hole allowances and hole dotting). It would be a big card, but it can be done because of the flexibility of our software.

Items like colors, fonts and margins can be controlled by the Custom Scorecards module or by the template itself. The user controls the process and the process is flexible, powerful and fun to use.

Our software ships with many templates already defined that can be used to spark your imagination.

The Player List


This is where it all begins. Player information is entered into this spreadsheet-like interface. Sort the names, calculate handicaps, assign teams, generate hole assignments, and create flights. Once the list is ready, use the icons or commands to create scorecards, cart signs, scoreboards, proximity markers, and all the other items needed for your event.

Create new rows as needed. There is no preset order or pre-decisions that must be made when creating a list for a tournament. Make decisions on the fly. Change the number of players, the players per group, the teams, the format, or any other element of the tournament at any time.

Drag & Drop Pairing


The Pairings Board is a natural, intuitive, visual tool for creating tournament pairings. When the board is displayed, all players in the Player List are placed on the board according to the hole assignment or tee time listed in the first column of the Player List.

Swap players by dragging and dropping a player onto another player. The two will switch. Swap groups by dragging the tee time or hole assignment and dropping onto another tee time or hole assignment. The two groups will switch.

Players can also be dragged onto or off of the “Club House” in the upper right corner. If you’re not sure what to do with a player, put them in the Club House until a spot opens up.

Print the pairings from the Pairings Board. Create hole assignments or tee times for the group, including extra times or assignments from within the Pairings Board. You can also print changes easily right from the pairings board. That way you don’t have to print all your scorecards or cart signs again, nor do you need to worry about searching for each page that your edits are on.

When the groups are complete, close the board and the Player List will be updated.

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