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alt-logo-copy“Tournament expert is the software that I’ve been using since 2006… Using this software has been far and away the single best decision I’ve made in my 10+ years at La Rinconada.”

– Andy Kimball, PGA



1424533718024-071514thecascadeslogoprint“All is great… thanks for checking in!  Loving the software, using it a ton and no issues at all with it…”

– Matthew Cohen, PGA



Screen Shot 2016-06-25 at 12.31.57 PM“…Everything has been great with the software. Ted has helped me tremendously. We just used it for our Classic and it worked awesome. Thanks so much.”

– Jeff Brockman, PGA


logo-Pinery-cwc“​You are the man!!!!!”

– Dane Reese




Dayton CC“When I first purchased the software in 2003, I was excited to begin using technology to enhance my events. Excellent software, continuous updates, personal service and timely support are just a few of the many reasons I would highly recommend Tournament Expert to everyone I know!”

– Rob Karnes, PGA



Country_Club_of_the_Rockies-logo“Each year, season, and event I find more functionality in the systems and I appreciate the fast response from you and your team to make Tournament Expert a great product.  I look forward to using the live leaderboard function more as we at the club expand our visual media presentations.”

– Edward L. Marzec II, PGA


Picture3I help run the high school golf program for a large school district in Texas [11 high schools]. We have used several computer golf programs in the past 6 years. Without a doubt, Tournament Expert is the best program we use to run our tournaments. Tournament Expert has it all – ease of use, intuitive handling of data, complete presentation package [printed & electronic media]. Most importantly, TE has the best customer support system of any program [not just golf] we have used. Knowledgeable, friendly, courteous, willing to take the time to corre ct your problem – Todd & Mike raise the level of customer support to new levels. Based on the highly favorable comments which we have received from other coaches, players, parents, & golf course personnel, Tournament Expert is a Grand Slam! Tournament Expert is a great product which we highly recommend.”

– Lou Kaluza


Picture5“I have never experienced from any vendors the kind of support you give. You guys are great!”

– Curtis Pitre, CPGA



Picture6“I have used tournament systems for 6 years here and for 9 years before that. Since we switched to your system I get the tournaments prepared so quickly that I keep thinking I’ve forgotten something.”

– Rick Slaght, PGA



Picture7“I LOVE Tournament Expert! Just did the ladies guest day in 10 minutes what used to take me an hour at least!”

– Erika Wicoff



TGDM_HR“New technology always makes me nervous, but with the ease of the program and the wonderful support from the tech staff I’m becoming a ‘tournament expert’ myself.”

– Kristie Fowler, PGA/LPGA


hacienda“Tournament went great!! Scoreboard was fantastic, and as always thank you for your support and help.”

– Casey Wheeler